Sweat lodge

We work with Native American Indian ritual sweat lodge. Sweat lodge is dome-shaped and circular, and built low to the ground. Heat is delivered by rocks, which are heated up in a fire outside the lodge, then brought into the center of the lodge with and placed in a dug pit. Traditionally includes four rounds, and the Indian sweat lodge gets progressively hotter.

This tradition gives possibility to get yourself behind your minds reach, thus to explore areas beyond your typical thinking pattern. Darkness and heat are big helpers in the process.

Participants of sweat lodge are coming out purified and many would say re-born. Where often sweat lodge helps to see things unseen before and make decision for future that would not be made or would be made much later.

This is great event for individuals for own development. It is also great for teams that are willing to get to the next level of their relationship and trust.