is walking on 500°C hot coals.

Firewalking is about making decisions and overcoming your limiting believes. You will confront and overcome your false fears when walking on fire without burning. When firewalking people change their belief pattern in just one night and this gives huge boost to future development.

This results in different attitude to everyday challenges.
Preparation for FIREWALK include decision-making exercise on personal everyday fears, thus result in immediate decisions and actions concerning particular cases for each individual. In particular cases participants of firewalk have started to pursue higher goals and recognized many new opportunities that seemed impossible due to negative thinking patterns, i.e. fears.

  •  + HUGE boost of team motivation and sense of shoulder from team-mates
  •  + HUGE sense of MAJOR accomplishment delivered via short event
  •  + Breaking individual negative believes that hold back from moving forward to more aggressive targets and success.

We have been leading Fire Walk events in Baltics and abroad. Participants include Entrepreneurs, Executives, Business professionals, Professional Athletes and others willing to grow personally.